Cakes 101 – Frequently Asked Questions

At NCH Bakery we offer a wide selection of cakes that are beautifully decorated with delicious icing. We specialize in all your celebration and wedding cake needs. Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: What Flavors do you offer?

A: Our Standard Flavors are Yellow, Chocolate, Marble & White.  Our Specialty Flavors are Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry, Funfetti, Carrot, Red Velvet & Salted Caramel. Other flavors may be available; please inquire.

Q: What are some of your typical cake sizes?

A: Sizes & Servings Chart :

6” Smash Cake4 Servings
8” Round Double Layer8-10 Servings
10” Round Double Layer18 – 20 Servings
Quarter Sheet Cake12 – 15 Servings
Half Sheet Cake2”x2” Slices – 48, 2”x4” Slices – 24
Sheet Cake2”x2” Slices – 99, 2”x4” Slices – 48

Q: Do you make tiered cakes?

A: Yes, we can configure tiered cakes from our double layer sizes as follows:

6″ on an 8″ cake or an 8″ on a 10″ cake

Note: More configurations are available for wedding cakes

Q: What decorations are available?

A: Standard Decorations: Your choice of balloons, flowers, polka dots or streamers are included in the cake price. They are available in the color of your choice.

Drawings & Edible Images: We have the capability to do custom drawings as well as print edible images on your cake. Please keep in mind copyrighted and trademarked items because it can limit our drawing selections.  We do have a permission to print a selection of copyrighted edible images that we can place on a cake.  For example, many sports team logos, toys, and comic book images are copyrighted but available to us as edible images

Inscriptions:  We can write a message on your cake to express the sentiment of your event (e.g., Happy Anniversary).

Cake Toppers/Kits: We have a selection of standard sports/kid- themed kits that can be added to cakes. We are also more than happy to add toppers that you provide us to your cake.

Shaped & Themed Cakes: We offer numbers, barbie, football, pony, unicorn, T-Rex, donut, coney, hamburger, guitar, bible cakes, etc.

Q: What type of icing is available?

A: Buttercream icing is the most popular.  White and chocolate buttercream are included in the standard cake prices. We also can ice the cake using colored buttercream, German chocolate, cream cheese or fondant at an additional charge.  

Please note: if you need icing in a specific color, please email us an example or bring in a color swatch so that we can closely match what you have in mind.  Otherwise, we’ll do our best based on your verbal description and there’s a chance it just doesn’t translate.

Q: What type of fillings are available?

A: Any of our double-layer cakes can include a filling with the following flavors:

Strawberry, raspberry, lemon, apricot, chocolate ganache, blackberry, cherry, Oreo cookie, peanut butter, or custard

Q: How do I order?

A: At this time. we only take orders over the phone at 513-521-6760 or in person during business hours.

Q: What is your pricing?

A: We have base prices for our cakes, but since many are customized to each customer’s needs, we’ll give pricing when you place your order.

Q: How far in advance do I need to place my cake order?

A: We prefer to have your order one week in advance, however for our standard cake flavors and decorations,  1-2 days may be doable.

We require at least a 1-week advance notice on all of our Specialty flavors, Shaped & Themed cakes, Tiered cakes, and cakes with elaborate decorations. 

Q: When do I need to pay for my cake?

A: Each cake is made to order so we ask that you pay for the cake at the time you place your order.

Q: Do you have cakes on hand that are already baked and decorated that I can purchase?

A: Yes, we keep a wide variety of case cakes and cupcakes every day.  We also have Party Square Cakes & Loaf Cakes which are available in yellow and chocolate. It is a perfect and affordable dessert for a family of 4-6.

Q: Do you offer wedding cake tastings and consultations?

A: Yes, we offer tasting/consultation appointments to give you a sampling of cake flavors, filling, and icings.  We will discuss with you your wedding needs (e.g., # of guests), your ideas and our various wedding designs. You’ll leave the appointment with an idea of your cake/cupcake designs and the cost.  Please call the bakery to talk with our Wedding Cake designer to set up an appointment.

DISCLAIMER: All cake sales are final. When ordering your cake, it is important  to be very clear about your design and to provide examples whenever possible.  This includes examples of decorations and especially of color choices.  We will do our best to decorate your cake to your specification, but we are reliant on clear specifications, and in the absence of clear specifications, we will use our interpretation of the specifications.  We will not issue a refund for a difference in our interpretation and your expectation. 

We place full responsibility on our customers to check the cake for errors and for its condition before leaving our bakery with the cake.  We encourage our customers to handle the cake gently, especially in transit, and to keep it in conditions conductive to its preservation.  For example, do not expose it to heat or direct sunlight.  We do not take responsibility for the cake’s condition after it leaves the bakery.